What is Tax Free Shopping
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Tax Free Shopping – it is VAT tax return services to foreign shoppers for purchased and together with personal baggage exported goods outside of European Union. VAT tax is refunded only for tourists living in outside territory of European Union. To obtain VAT refund, shoppers may use Tax Card Company services.


How to obtain VAT tax refund for purchased goods
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After making a purchase, tourist obtains prepared Tax Free form. When travelling out of Lithuanian territory, representative of customs makes sure that goods are exported and puts that approving stamp on Tax Free forms. Afterwards, a tourist provides customs-approved Tax Free form to Tax Card Company representatives and immediately obtains VAT refund. If you are in a hurry, you can send customs-approved Tax Free form to Tax Card by post. In such case we will transfer your refund to account You indicated.


What goods are eligible to VAT tax refunds
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VAT tax is refunded for goods that are purchased in Lithuania and are exported abroad with shopper’s personal baggage. From 2020 July 1 foreign travelers can also VAT refund for alcoholic beverages and manufactured tobacco.

From 2020 July 1 VAT is not refunded to foreign passengers only in cases when goods purchased in the Republic of Lithuania are transported, which due to their type, purpose or quantity obviously cannot be considered intended for personal (non-commercial) purposes. Additionally, VAT tax is not refunded for services, such as car rental, haircut, accommodation, food services, etc.


Minimal purchase amount to obtain VAT refund
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Minimal purchase value in a single receipt must be at least 40 EUR with VAT in order to obtain VAT tax refund.


Why it is convenient to use Tax Card to refund taxes
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Our up-to-date technologies offer the best conditions in the market to refund taxes. Using Tax Card, foreign shoppers can obtain VAT refund quickly and easily. Tourists can order Tax Card in advance before arrival to Lithuania, which can be used to refund taxes for any purchases made in Lithuania.

Every shopper that has Tax Card participates in our loyalty program to earn additional refund payments. Card holders can also  track their refunds’ status as well as select their refund method.


How fast and by what methods VAT refund can be received
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Foreign shoppers that have Tax Card can always select method how to obtain VAT refund. It includes cash payments, transfer to credit card or transfer to personal account trough selected online payment system.
Refund in cash to tourist is paid just before leaving the country in Airports and country border zones at Tax Card representatives’ site. Shoppers immediately earn their refund in cash.
Tourist can also select refund transfer to credit card or personal account via PayPal, Payza, Skrill, TransferWise or other online payment systems. In such case shopper must send customs-approved Tax Free forms by post to Tax Card Company. Money transfer to credit card will reach shopper in a few days after customs-approved Tax Free forms are received, while transfer trough online payment system – immediately after forms are received by Tax Card Company.


How to get Tax Card
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Tax Card can be bought at shopping malls, hotels and tourism information centers and other frequently visited locations in Lithuania. Tax Card can also be ordered online for free, plus it is also distributed abroad, in Russia, Belarus and other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) member countries at partner tourism agencies.


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