Refund by transfer

The customer can choose the best method for the proposed Tax Card payments. You can choose a refund to a credit or debit card, bank accounts or an electronic payment system: PayPal, TransferWise, Payza, Skrill, etc. In these cases, the customer must send the customs approved Tax Free form with a receipt by mail to the address:

Tax Card
UAB Novata
Perkūnkienio g. 3
LT-12127 Vilnius

A refund is issued in euros after the documents are received by mail. Indicate the refund method of your choice and the necessary data for the transfer in the Tax Free form, and fill in your contact information.

– Credit (debit) card
– Bank account (depends of your country)
– PayPal
– Payza
– TransferWise
– Unistream

* Tax Card reserves the right of choosing the appropriate refund method in exceptional cases at its reasonable discretion.

* The amount shall not be refunded if the contract has been terminated with the Seller who issued this form because of his failure to comply with obligations.