Tax Card terms and conditions

Tax Free shopping service provision

Tax Card provides Tax Free shopping (VAT tax refund) services to foreign buyers (hereinafter named as clients) purchasing goods in Lithuania and moving them abroad (exporting).
Client can obtain nominal Tax Card which is used to receive VAT tax refunds when shopping in Lithuania.
Client that wants to use Tax Free shopping service must live in foreign country, which does not belong to European Union.
Tax Card Company commits to return a tax refund to client for his/her purchased goods. Client is obliged to follow terms and conditions of Tax Card Company. The amount of refund can be calculated at the web site Loyal clients may obtain special return rates as well as additional refunds.
Goods that have VAT rate of 9 per cent, has their VAT refund reduced proportionally/respectively.
Client’s goods that are bought using Tax Free shopping service are his private property. Tax Card Company is not responsible for quality of client’s purchased goods.
Client that wants to obtain a refund for purchased goods must physically provide or send by post Customs-approved Tax Free form as well as receipt of purchase to Tax Card Company representatives. No refund is possible without Customs-approved Tax Free form or receipt of purchase.
If client’s tax Free forms are approved with deficiencies, client must send Tax Free forms by post to Tax Card Company, which will return clients refund by his chosen way after investigation of deficiencies is complete.
Goods must be moved out of Lithuania in the following 3 months from the date of purchase, otherwise no VAT return is given.
Client is responsible for Tax Free forms and other VAT return related documentary, which is given to him or her, not being corrected, edited, changed of falsified in any way. No return is given in such situation. Furthermore, falsification of VAT related documentary is punished according Lithuanian laws.
Tax Card Company’s client has a right to select a method of receiving VAT refund, out of cash payment, transfer of payment to credit card or payment trough different money transfer systems.
Client may connect to the Tax Card information system to track refund status, select refund method and view offers of retailers.
Client, that wishes to return product to retailer and recover money for it, must contact Tax Card Company and return VAT refund, from which client will receive a receipt of purchase and will be able to return product to retailer.
Tax Card Company may provide information about news and special offers of retailers to client, if client has no objections.
Tax Card Company keeps the rights to change its’ terms and conditions. Up-to-date terms and conditions are available at the web page
Client that has objections against any of these rules has a right to terminate the partnership with Tax Card Company free of charge, by informing us about it.

Personal data administration

Client must provide correct personal data as well as approve its validity. Client’s personal data are necessary for Tax Free shopping service provision.
Tax Card Company keeps personal data of its clients for VAT refund service provision reasons. Data are kept no longer than Lithuanian laws require.
Tax Card Company devotes all required physical, electronic and administrative resources to keep clients’ data safe from third parties. Safety requirements correspond to Lithuanian law on data protection as well as requirements of supervising authorities.
In occurrence of demand, data about Tax Free shopping purchases may be provided to State Tax Inspectorate, Lithuanian Custom House and other Lithuanian authorities.
Client has a right to ask for erasure of his personal data.